We believe that travel changes you. There’s good science to back that up: more time spent abroad increases something researchers call “self-concept clarity.” In other words, traveling makes you more confident in who you are and provides clarity about what’s important to you.

Our Mission: Ethical exploration

We combine sustainable travel with ecosystem-level conservation and the explicit recognition of and respect for the rights of indigenous people.

The shortest path to oneself leads around the world.
— Hermann von Keyserling in "Travel Diaries of a Philosopher", 1919

Ecotourism is more than just “nature tourism.” It has the explicit goal of benefiting local communities both environmentally and economically. By providing financial incentives through tourism, local communities can become empowered to fight against poverty, and by leveraging a more sustainable sort of economic development, can better resist other more exploitative industries like mining, agriculture, ranching, or logging.

By traveling with us, we hope that you will become empowered as well, armed with a clear-eyed understanding of the links between our everyday consumer behaviors back home and the impacts of those decisions on both human and wildlife communities, even in faraway places.



Each of our carefully curated itineraries is designed to challenge you physically, intellectually, and emotionally. Days are full of adventure and exploration while evenings consist of scientific lectures, fascinating workshops, and engaging discussions about sustainability, conservation, and the thrill of discovery. Our educator-guides are not just trained scientists. They are also some of the most skilled science storytellers around: journalists and authors, artists and photographers, podcasters and television presenters, and more.

By the end of a trip, you will have more than just a camera full of photos. Scifari Expeditions offers unforgettable experiences you’ll be telling friends about for the rest of your life.

What We do

  • We handle all the logistics from the time you hit the ground. Transportation, meals, experiences, and more.

  • We pair our staff of expert educator-guides with local naturalists and conservationists to lead each of our trips, and offer a range of specialist facilitators to conduct a variety of stimulating workshops for your group.

  • We work with families, companies, organizations, and brands.

  • We ensure that all our local partners promote sustainable tourism practices by investing in local communities, and by encouraging respectful interactions with wild plants and animals.